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Army Training

Are you ready for your Army Combat Fitness Test? 

Need help training for it?  ANCHOR is here to get you in the best shape so that you can ace the physical test!

At ANCHOR life + fitness we build stronger bodies that are more resilient when put under pressure. We make sure our students move well and safely. We use assessments to better understand any compensation/asymmetries/injuries and then we work on building & fixing the issues, whether they be mobility/flexibility/balance/stabilization or strength. 
Our goal it to train our clients without smoking them so they can be ready at a moments notice should they be called upon. 


3 Repetition Max Deadlift (MDL)

Standing Power Throw (SPT)

Hand Release Push-up - Arm Extension (HRP)

Sprint - Drag - Carry (SDG)

Plank (PLK)

Two-Mile Run (2MR)

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