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Membership Cancellation Request

No need for long, awkward goodbyes. We get it. Life changes. Just give us a call if you decide you’d like to reactivate your membership in the future. We’ll pick right up where we left off in your health and fitness journey. In the meantime, if you’re sure that you’d like to cancel your membership, please fill out the form below.

Membership Cancellation Request


  1. Members who wish to cancel their membership must submit a Membership Cancellation Form at least 30 days in advance of the next billing cycle.

  2. Failure to submit the Membership Cancellation Form within the specified time frame will result in the client being charged for their next scheduled payment. 

  3. Upon payment of the next month’s scheduled payment, the membership will be canceled at the end of that billing cycle.


  1. Providing a 30-day notice allows us to effectively manage membership cancellations and make necessary adjustments to our resources and services.

  2. Charging the prior scheduled payment ensures that all financial obligations are met before the cancellation takes effect.

  3. Ending the membership at the end of the current month provides a fair transition period for the member, allowing them to utilize the membership benefits until the cancellation is processed.


  1. The Membership Cancellation Form will be made available to members through our website or other designated channels.

  2. Members will be reminded of the 30-day notice requirement through regular communication channels such as emails, newsletters, and notifications.

  3. Upon receiving the Membership Cancellation Form, our team will verify the submission date and process the cancellation accordingly.

  4. The next scheduled payment will be charged to the member's designated payment method on file.

  5. Membership benefits will remain active until the end of the current month, after which access will be terminated.


  1. In case of extenuating circumstances, such as relocation or medical emergencies, we may consider waiving the 30-day notice requirement. Members should contact our customer service team to discuss their situation and provide any necessary supporting documentation.

  2. Membership cancellations initiated within the first 30 days of joining are subject to a different cancellation policy, as outlined in the membership agreement.

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