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Don Cook is August's ANCHOR Client of the Month! He has been consistently working to achieve his goals and make his health and fitness a priority. Don talks about how he maintains his positive mindset while navigating these times of uncertainty. Hopefully, his determination will inspire you to continue working hard to reach your goals. 


Q: You seem to be very consistent, what does your workout schedule/routine look like? 

A: I have been trying to do 5 - 6 days a week consistently for the last 2 years. Work out in the morning either the 7 or 8 AM class. Sometimes I do the 6 AM but not a big fan - a little too early for me.

Q: How do you stay consistent with exercise during these times of uncertainty?

A: For me, it is something I have looked forward to every day. It has been the most consistent thing I have had over the last 4 - 5 months. Everything else is so "up in the air" and uncertain, it is nice to know I can show up either virtually or now in person and see people I know and get in a good workout with a system that I really enjoy. I also set goals for myself. One thing I wanted to do this year was start rowing again as I did that all through high school and college. That didn't happen due to COVID but I know when it does open up I will be in shape to jump right into it


Q: How do you feel about training in person and virtually? Have you found any roadblocks for reaching your goals? 

A: I have been doing a blended schedule now that I have the option. The challenges on the virtual side are not having access to heavy enough kettlebells and no barbell. Also no access to either the skier or the concept 2 rower - I enjoy both. With the in-person workouts now and how they are structured, it took me a couple of classes to feel I was really challenging myself. Because it was different from before, I just have to take advantage of all of the equipment and the time at Anchor to push myself. Now I feel very comfortable and I enjoy both ways of working out.


Q: What motivates you to come to class (in the studio or virtually)?

A: I honestly just feel so much better about myself and I have always been very active playing sports. I really enjoy challenging myself to get in great shape. Also not getting any younger so I want to make sure I stay fit so I can do all of the things I want to do outside of Anchor.


Q: Do you have any tips or advice for others who are struggling with getting to class every week?

A: For me honestly it is not that complicated - just get up and get moving. I know it sounds simple, but I think everyone will feel better physically and feel better about themselves if they are consistent. It is easy to "get in a rut" particularly with everything going on.

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