What are these calorie things?

Recently I read an interesting book by one of the nation’s leading nutritionists, Marion Nestle, called “Why Calories Count: From Science to Politics.” Although “Why Calories Count” may sound like the title of the next new diet craze and a pitch to lose 20 pounds in a week by eating celery alone, it was actually an in depth look at the basic science behind calories and how they affect our weight. Most people know the word ‘calorie,’ either having seen it prominently displayed on every piece of packaged food or used as a buzzword for different weight loss programs. But when asked to give a simple definition, we raise our hands and say “umm, something in food?” So, what exactly are these calor

Do you have Achy Joints, Fatigue, Sluggish? Are you guzzling too much Coffee? You need to be drinki

You always hear me say it, “did you drink enough water today”? Seems like most of us drink more coffee than water every day, which can lead big problems later on. I'm just as guilty, but I know the days and weeks that I'm consistently hydrated, I feel better and better. Not only does it help with recovering from a tough training session, but hydration is so important on so many levels, including fighting of disease. A few years back, I was sitting on the beach reading the book, Your bodys many cries for water: You are not sick, you are thirsty!: Don’t treat thirst with medications. by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, (and yes, I'm getting made fun of by the group of friends I was with since during my

Why warm up?

“Band walks, glute bridges, and Inchworms…again?!” These are words we hear repeatedly echoing throughout the walls of ANCHOR on any given day. It’s no secret that a lot of people do not enjoy the warm up portion of their workout. It tends to be seen as a chore, a waste of time and not as a critical part of their workout. Normally when people warm up, it is done in a very routine manner, with a limited amount of focus or attention and “just going through the motions”. The truth is your warm up is a critical part for your workout and you should be paying particular attention to how your body feels and moves on that particular day. A proper warm up readies the cardiovascular, respiratory,

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