Spice Up Your Life in the New Year

Spice Up Your Life in the New Year As we all head into this bright, shiny new year, many of you have probably started a New Year’s Resolution list, or even just thought about some ways to begin incorporating healthier habits into your routine. Most of the time “EATING HEALTHIER” is in big, bold letters right at the top of our lists. And while all of us should make an effort to get more of those nutritious vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into our diet, there is another way to start eating healthier that you might not have crossed your mind. Start cooking with more spices and herbs! Increasing the herbs and spices in your diet will not only add some excitement and flavor to the healthier

Goals vs. Fluidity

My Mother-in-law asked me the other day a question that should have been easy enough to answer. She asked “Whether I was a goal oriented person or a spontaneous person that waits for things to pop up?” It was challenging to think about due to the fact that the answer is ‘Yes’ on both ends. Sure I have goals, but for me they are fluid and always changing. This is where spontaneity comes in handy, following the random path that “My” life veers to. Since having a child it’s been more spontaneity, for 15 months I was able to stay home, not living by a strict schedule or timeline. Not needing to have an end goal to my day, has taught me a lot. When you make the switch from being in the workfor

A Mind to Lift

If you’ve been in one of my barbell classes during a rep max day, then you have probably heard me mention the three different ways in which you can fail a lift. Number one, physically; you were just not strong enough that day, number two, technically; your technique degraded to a point that you should not go heavier, and three, mentally; you weren’t in the mindset to lift that weight. While all three can contribute to the success of a lift, your mindset is often the most overlooked and therefore undertrained aspect of lifting. I remember being told once “Deadlifts are heavy”. Although this seems obvious, it is a simple statement that has a ton of meaning. First let’s look at it for face v

Skiing or Snowboarding? It’s a Workout Win-Win.

In case you missed it, it’s cold! For many people, especially the trainers in this gym, that is not the preferred weather. I, on the other hand, love it. So far this winter, cold has meant snow, which brings me to the topic of this post: snowsports. Specifically, skiing versus snowboarding. Everybody who participates have a stance, and those who don’t are most likely just better than you in both activities and know it. Here, I will expose my bias: I am a snowboarder through and through. However, there is no denying the skills of downhill skiers. I highly doubt this argument will ever truly be settled, so we may as well look at it from a different angle: which is a better workout? We start wi

Get a damn massage, would ya!

All of us have experienced the unpleasant feeling of “knots” at some time or another. You probably have one right now which is causing you some annoyance. A “muscle knot” is a actually a trigger point: a small patch of muscle tissue in spasm that chokes off its own blood supply. These can be annoying, uncomfortable and even painful. Aches and pains are an extremely common medical complaint and trigger points seem to be a factor in many of them. They are a key component in headaches, neck pain and lower back pain. They can cause and complicate pain problems, even mimic other pain issues. Muscle tissue is the largest organ in the body, the source of much discomfort caused by the wear and

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