No the title is not an insult to computer whizzes around the world. “Tech neck syndrome” or “iPhone syndrome” refers to an unhealthy trend being seen more and more frequently. I have experienced the effects of this syndrome myself and am starting to notice more clients with the same issue. I hear complaints of sore necks, shoulder pain, arm and wrist complications; even loss of feeling in fingers. Tech neck syndrome occurs from spending countless minutes and hours on our electronic devices. Continuous use of these devices forces our necks to flex too much (causing spinal lordosis) and round our upper-backs trying to get a better view of the display screen. It doesn’t end at smart phone

“…I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about

Many of us local to Philadelphia remember the famous 2002 rant by former 76er Allen Iverson. He played hard, he played every game like it was his last, but when it came to practice, well we knew how he felt about it. Unlike what Allen Iverson believes, I personally believe practice is the most important thing we can do when learning new movement patterns, strength moves and techniques. It takes time to learn how to properly do a hardstyle plank by creating enough tension in the body to hold ourselves up, stable, and strong, and without the hips popping up too high or low back sinking too low. It takes hours of practice. It takes learning from books and mentors to continue to get better at ou

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