need to stay strong in the off season?

want to help prevent injuries?

SUMMER SPORTS PERFORMANCE 2022 Enrollment Details:

​Open to athletes in 6th - 12th grade and college

13-week program, 6/13/22 - 9/15/22

M - Th @ 4:30 pm + Sunday Yoga Classes


Paid in Full (best value):

$549.99 for Unlimited/$499.99 for Limited

Autopay Month to Month:

If your athlete's fall schedule and know that their sport's season will interfere,

you can have your athlete sign up for 1 month at a time.

*with autopay just give us notice when to stop payment,

the system will automatically renew.*

Unlimited Option: $275/month

Limited (2x per week): $225/month

Reminder - Any missed sessions for any reason may not be rolled over into the following month(s).