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Athlete Small Group

Do you have a serious athlete at home in need of specialized and specific training?  

Too many athletes just assume they will get better by playing their sport, but that’s not the case in today’s highly competitive sports arena.

You deserve to perform at your best, injury free.

We take a holistic approach to improving our athlete’s performance. We use our own data, systems, and principles based on our athletes to help improve performance. 

Sessions are held every

Monday & Thursday at 5:30pm,

starting 9/12/22.


each cycle is 28 days

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lucy dl.jpeg



  • Unique Training Template: Small group and partner clients will get a combination of strength training, performance, injury prevention, testing, additional progressions not possible in a larger setting.

  • Individual programming: Small group and partner clients will receive their own custom training template with specific progressions and regression to help them reach their goals faster than in the large group setting with more attention to detail.

  • High-level coaching and accountability: Small group get the individual attention to detail and accountability that private training offers. 

  • Small Class Size: Small group sessions will have a MAX OF 5-8 ATHLETES TO ENSURE CONSISTENCY AND RESULTS. 

  • Exercise selection and templates not possible in a large group setting.

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